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As a former NAACP branch president and vice president, I found it very difficult to raise funds or inform members and the public of pending events.

An inexpensive web page is the answer!  Now you can take your branch to the Internet, use the web address and post flyers and important information for pennies a day.

Check out our offer, and view the webpage template that’s ready to be updated by branch officials.


  1. We will always edit the “information box” on the web page for Free!

    1. Contact WebTek (via contact form below) to update Branch officers, meeting times, special events and contact information.
    2. It takes 7-10 days for the information to be updated
  2. To further change the page or create a totally different web site for the Branch, Check out the flyer below.



Contact WebTek

Download a copy of the pricing flyer.


There are no fees or costs of any kind for maintaining or editing the branch information on the web page.  You can have changes made as often as necessary.

Also, feel free to use the web page’s address for branch related correspondence. Remember, the page is not associated officially with the local, state of national NAACP, can be only with the approval of branch officials.

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